Frequently Asked Questions That Are Related To Background Checks

neih0825_pg1_background_checksCan an employer carry out a credit check on prospective employee or a present employee?
Yes, an employer can perform a background (credit) check on a present employee or a future employee when the information collected is exclusively used for purposes related to employment. It would include granting promotions, considering new hiring, delegation of responsibilities or determining the retention of that employee. Companies like Triton Canada can be your best partners for this process.

When is the right time to execute the credit check?
For the present employees a credit check is completed only when there is a decision about retaining or promoting the employee.
For the prospective ones, the credit check is executed only after a written document of conditional offer letter has been created by the company. Sometimes, non-financial details regarding the candidate may get revealed during the process and might affect the decision of hiring the candidate (if it is related to discrimination.). This might become employer’s liability, so it is always avoided.

Is it necessary for the employer to give written notice about the credit check?
Yes, the Consumer Reporting Act makes it mandatory for all the employers to issue a written notice to the prospective or present employee that a credit check is going to be performed. It should be done before the conduction of the credit check and should adhere to the format that has been prescribed. The employer is also liable to inform the applicant, the details of the consumer reporting agency which is undertaking the check.

Can any employer take hiring or promotion decisions based on the information collected during credit check?
Yes, it is possible to reject a prospective candidate or decline promotion based on the results from the credit check. However it is mandatory for the employer to notify the reason for the decision to the employee and if the employee makes a request within sixty (60) days after the publishing of notice. The employer is liable to provide the details of the consumer reporting firm and information source to her/him.

Can a credit check be carried out by an employer for any job?
An employer has the authority to undertake a credit check if necessary on existing employees or prospective employees in Ontario. Ontario Human Rights Code, which is commonly referred to as “code” does not prohibit employers to decline any hiring or promotional decision strictly based on an individual’s credit history.

What can be the consequences when the Consumer Reporting Act is violated?
When Consumer Reporting Act is violated by any officer or any director from your institution knowingly, She/he may be made to pay a fine which can go up to $25,000 and/or could be sentenced to jail for a maximum 1 year. Otherwise, your institution would be made liable to pay a fine of $100,000.

When can an employee be subjected to alcohol /drug test?
The employer can subject any employee to undertake alcohol or drug test. However the violation of employee rights only validates when there is a demonstrable relationship between drug and alcohol to job safety and performance of the employees.


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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters For The Entire House

lsWe get water from lakes, streams, rivers and underground. It is obvious that water from these sources is contaminated. It may also have dangerous disease causing bacteria and virus. These may cause Giardia, Cholera or Cryptosporidium. These impurities include both natural and manmade harmful chemicals. Some of the commonly used chemicals are from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and road salt. The industries are further introducing many harmful chemicals that contaminate our water. To get good water out is a difficult task. Reverse osmosis water filter will help in converting hard water into soft water suitable for domestic purposes.

Chemicals in Our Water Supply

It is the duty of the local governing bodies to supply pure edible water for domestic purposes. But the new chemicals have made the process so complicated that it could not be filtered so easily. For example, to treat the disinfections, chlorine is used but chlorinated water usage may cause cancer and birth defects.

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering?

Water filter technology includes Activated carbon, ultraviolet filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF). These technologies are good at removing the contaminants. Among this Reverse Osmosis is the most effective water softening technology in the market. It is good at filtering bacteria, virus, Arsenic, chlorine, unpleasant tastes and smell, nitrates, heavy metals, iron and sediment. Other technologies also remove these components but they are not effective like Reverse Osmosis.

Osmosis treatment is good at removing cancer causing components like hydrogen sulfide and volatile compounds. The Reverse Osmosis technology removes even the tiniest particles that measure about .0001 micron. The viruses and bacteria usually measure between 0.1 – 1 micron.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis definitely needs replacement of membranes. But the membranes usually last for four years. It is after this period the replacement is needed. The whole RO system is expensive but it is has top class features. It is recommended to soften water throughout your house.

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Gift Your Fashionista Friend Something special

Gift Your Fashionista Friend Something specialIt is no big deal that a girl is fond of makeup and in styling herself. If you also have one such friend, is something which will help you when gifting them that perfect gift. Buy the best products for your fashionistas from this website. This holiday season there are huge offers and discounts for new visitors. If you become a loyal customer, you will get many more discounts every time you buy something. From a small lip gloss to a hair curler, everything is available online. You can get interesting reviews about each and every product also. It is amazing to buy from such websites.

They will fully equip you with the best information about any product. You can buy stylish dresses at a lower price. Gift them something unique. A make up bag, some items inside it and a dress will make the best gift combo. If you do not know what to buy for your Fashionista friend, this website will help you. There is nothing to worry about. It is very user friendly and there are ample products to choose from. You are surely going to like some of them. Chances are you will also be tempted to buy a few of them.

Everybody faces a little difficulty while deciding what to buy and what not to. With this user friendly website things can become a bit easier for you. Buy something seasonal to make your friend happy. There are huge seasonal discounts also on these items. You can first check out the latest trend from magazines and the internet. Then go searching the website to find out what is new. Clothing, bags and shoes change continuously in their trend. There is always something innovative coming up. Therefore try to look for something that your friend does not have. It is easy to find such items.

Buy items that are versatile and easy to maintain. Your friend will love such items. A catwalk inspired purchase will do it. A dress that can be worn in various ways serves as the best gifting item. Jeggings, high quality dresses, black sandals or purses can be the best choices. Buy a color that will suit more for than one dress. A peppy or very bright color may not prove out to be the best gift item. These items are available at a low cost. You can first decide on your budget and then do shopping. If your Fashionista friend keeps it casual normally, gift her something close to her heart.

Do not gift something very trendy and modern to such people. Do not gift your friend high heels if they are not comfortable wearing them. Keeping stylish is important, but do not gift the other person something that they will never be comfortable with. Gifting something from their normal style point of view is the best thing you can do. You must know their color choices, thus this can help you. Buy some different shades in their favorite color category. Some color you have not seen her wearing in recent times is a great gift.

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Debt Advice for the Summer Holidays – Creative Ways to Avoid Debt during School Holidays

downloadSummer holidays are usually said to be the period of happiness due to the vacation time for the children. But this not true in many British homes, as there are many parents similar to l you who gets extremely worried about getting into debt due of their holiday plans. You would also be happy about the study conducted recently, which reveals that 64% of the British families feel stressed about their summer holiday’s expense.

In such cases, you just have to do a single thing. That is nothing, but to read through the advice of the experts on how to manage the summer holiday’s expense and to regulate it in a proper way so that it benefits your children and you in a long run. There are many agencies who offer holiday expert advice. One of the most reputed and the famous online provider of such services is

We never want to see our children worrying and not enjoying the benefits of holidays. Being children they have all the rights and also they deserve to enjoy their childhood and vacation as same like other children. This issue could be sorted down easily by providing them little attention and time. That is by arranging for recreational outings that are quite inexpensive will make your children enjoy as well along with you enjoying the benefits of nature. Few of the sports and recreational activities available in the ocean side destinations include swimming, sports, hiking, camping trips and fishing.

To save money in your trip plans, you can get the assistance of the credit counselors to manage the money in the most efficient way. They will also help you with plans to save money in spite of your trip. For example gardening at your home is a fun activity for your children as well as a good source for your kitchen too. It’s better if you enjoy your family dinner and avoid eating outside. Cooking together along with your children by assigning each activity for them too would give you a real fun filled day for you and your children.

Following the debt advice during your summer holidays will help you in enjoying the benefits of holidays along with the least debt. It would be a good decision to employ debt counseling service so that you can better consolidate credit obligations. They help you with reducing your penalties and also eliminate interest. This would also help in making your regular monthly payments. It is good that if you educate your children about the issues related to debts, so that they know the expenses involved in their summer vacation trip.

Approaching UK’s Money education centre for your saving, affordability and borrowing needs of your children is advisable. This is because, the lessons are provided at free of cost in this centre. They also help you in transforming your money problems into an educational opportunity. For this you need to plan your budget accordingly like giving up the most unnecessary needs like satellite TV, gym membership and instead ,consider other cheaper alternatives for this.

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Steps for Picking the Best Birth Injury Law Firm

birth injury

Finding the best law firm has always been a tough and complicated task for ever. Advertisements on TV and other media won’t tell the truth about the quality and service of the law firm you choose. Getting referrals and recommendations are good, only if the referrer has already worked and observed their quality of service closely. You can also go for referrals from other legal attorneys to find out the specific law professional for your legal needs. Getting advice from the legal experts of your area is still good and the best option. However, with all the available tools, choosing the right legal professional still remains a mystery. As we are well equipped with technology today, you can go for online research to find out the best legal practitioners. You can also visit, one of the top legal firms offering quality service for their clients.

Let us discuss in detail about the steps and tips we need to take to find out the specific injury lawyer incase if your child, is injured due to medical negligence. The very first task starts with finding the right lawyer.

You must be sure that the firm you choose specializes in birth injury. Because law firms with birth injury case experience will handle your case in a much better way than new ones. Try to get referrals and hire a best specialist in birth injury cases.
The firm’s credentials and rankings play a major role today. As there are many websites and other publications available, whose work is to rank the professionals based on various factors like their quality of service, their fee, availability, their experience , the number of cases they have attended and won, the area they operate at based on this you will get the knowledge about the firm’s value, reputation and success.
Choosing a law firm who possess medical professionals would be the right choice. Success in these types of cases depends on the knowledge about the medical and the legal system equally. So it is good to assign the professional who has a good knowledge about both the fields. With the help of the medical professionals, there is a higher chance of winning the case.
The case may end up successfully but the opposite party may ask time for too-low settlement. This has to be avoided and so the law firm should be bold enough to ask for their rights without any compromise and hesitation.
Try to pick the firm that has enough financial resource. This is because, the case may go for years but you will get the settlement only at the end of the whole case. So till then you can give fee for the lawyers. In case of your absence the firm must be capable of handling the financial issues on its own. So while choosing the firm check their investments and the availability of other financial resources. You can get a clear idea by looking at the size and the number of employees in the firm
Don’t trust the firm who rushes you with the payment issues. Injury attorneys won’t charge before the case begins. They tend to take the fee only after winning the case.
Also finally, don’t think the firm operates at the particular state and so it has limitations. Many firms have the license to operate at different states too.

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How To Select A Professional Courier Company That Fulfills All Your Needs?

How To Select A Professional Courier Company That Fulfills All Your Needs?Are you looking for the best shipment company for your shipment needs? Then you are in the right place. There are several hundreds of Courier companies available in every city and most of them offer the same services to their customers. It is hard for you to pick the right company based on your business requirement. You must know to differentiate between a professional courier firm and other firms that are not suitable for your shipment.
In the website, you can find the global shipment services offered by the company. Eshipper is a Canadian company that offers shipment services for entire Northern America and also has tie-ups with the best carriers to provide global shipments to countries like India, Dubai, Singapore, China and many others. You must read the guide mentioned below before selecting a cargo or freight company.
It is difficult to transfer your vehicles like car along with your household items in international shipping. If you need to ship an expensive car to other countries then you must consider the shipping company that is specialized in car shipping. There are possibilities of scratches, denting and other such damages when your car is not properly handled in international shipment. You must spend some additional time in selecting the best company for your car shipment that ensures you have a damage free delivery of your car.
A professional shipping company knows the best methods to deliver fragile items safely to the destination country without any damages. If you hire unprofessional courier firms, there is high risk involved in damages to your materials. Such companies will not cover any insurance policy and will not take any responsibility in case of damages. You must research and compare several companies on various factors like price, quality of service and select the right one that is suitable for your requirement.
You must plan in advance and make the suitable selection. It is not possible to find the best one at the last hour. You must make sure of the total cost of shipping before sending your goods. You must know what services is part of their regular service and how much the company charges for any special services. Door-to Door delivery of your goods is a regular shipping activity and you must ensure that the shipping company you hired will not cost you additional money for providing such services. You must spend maximum time in selecting a company and you must not select the company in a hurry.
You must try to follow the above practices when selecting a shipping company to get a smooth shipment process. If there is delay in your selection process to find the best company then you needn’t worry about that. It is safe to wait until you find the best company for shipment rather than investing in a wrong company that does not work professionally and there are high chances of damages to your goods.
You can discuss with your shipping company and ensure their services and price quote. You must send your goods by checking the address of the recipient twice or thrice before shipment and also include the contact number of the recipient in the address for your consignment to reach without fail.

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Use Top Beauty Products For An Appealing Look

Use Top Beauty Products For An Appealing LookSkin is important for both the genders, but beautiful skin is a great asset for women. It not only makes them look very attractive but also gives them a great boost of confidence. However, not every women is lucky enough to have naturally beautiful skin. Most of them depend on top beauty products to make their skin beautiful. Avon is a very reputed beauty brand that produces some of the best skin crèmes and products for makeup. As a result of this reason is the high demand of Avon contact number. People find their products to be trustworthy and cost effective. Due to this it has become very popular among girls and women who look for low cost beauty products.

Avon was started in America and is selling its product today in many other places. All of its makeup products have caught lot of attention and approval from the fashionistas. Right from the starting it started has been growing with great force. Now they have millions of customers all over the globe. With such a big beauty brand it is quite normal that people might face some or the other issues with any product. People all over the world face different type of issues with the product. For solving their problem Avon has got its own helpline number. People are free to call them whenever they find any difficulty. A full time running help line number will render to any help customers need regarding the product.

Though there are many other products in the market, Avon must be preferred because it has an active customer care service. A company that produces world class products, but does not pay concern to their customer’s enquiries can never succeed in the global market. People have plenty of queries to ask, regarding the product, price and services. A woman is very conscious about her skin; therefore make it a point to respond to them personally. If you do not give them a pampered feeling, they may never buy your product again.

When you are looking forward to make your skin beautiful, do not forget to read every details about the product first. A product wrongly used can create blunder on your face. It will spoil your skin and can even lead to breakout. Test a product first, whether it suits you or not, then only you must buy one. Without being sure about the products usability on your skin it will be a loss deal. You will just waste your money and nothing else.

There are skin care products in the market to suit every single lip colour, skin complexion, hair colour and face shape. In past few years tons of research has been undertaken. This led to the foundation of products suitable for varied skin types and colours. In fact a woman can buy a skin care product depending on the way she wants to look. If a dusky complexioned girl uses light coloured foundation, it will make her skin look over the top bright. It will be a big turnoff for her look. Something matching with the colour of the person is the best buy.

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How To Clean Your Plastic Jordan Sneakers

jordon nike

The basketball players across all the countries usually prefer the Jordan shoe manufactured by Nike. There are various factors that made the Jordan sneakers as the common choice for all the players. It is well known brand among people living in all the countries, and you can pick the model from the cost ranging from low prices to high one.
You must maintain the shoe with the right defensive materials for the long life of your shoe. It prevents your shoe from cracking and discoloration of your shoe. You can buy the sprays of oil, wax or silicone that contains defensive ingredients in the retailers shop. Applying the defensive materials act as a barrier that avoids dirt or stains in your shoe.
You have countless options in the selection like Foot Locker Sneaker Protector and select the best one based on your need. You can use the Sneaker Cleanser on the plastic material of the shoe to clean the plastic portion. But the spray can is the best option for cleaning. You can check in shoe retail shops about the specific cleansers that are offered by the shoe manufacturing companies like Footlocker.
You must keep away the spray can 2 inches away from the plastic material when spraying. After that, massage the plastic surface with a toothbrush or a soft cloth. Then rinse a cloth in either the lukewarm water or the cold water wipe the other portions of your shoe. You must follow the same procedure again and again till you are satisfied with the cleaning process.
It is not advisable to wash your shoe using the washing machine because the effects will be very bad and the glued parts get detached. You must clean your shoe with great care and especially the plastic material because it contains the protector in the material and is designed in such a way.

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What Are Benefits In Hiring The SEO Company?


The advancement in technology changes the way of doing business. Now, every business has an online presence by creating their online website to attract more customers. In today’s scenario, online presence is compulsory, and many business firms with an online presence have seen more success when compared with the business firms that don’t have such facility. On understanding this fact, many business firms are using the internet to reach a wide audience who depend on the internet to buy any product. Just creating an online website is not required to get the traffic and receive a good ROI.
You can visit the website that is an SEO service firm that will brief you about their SEO services to see the desired result. It is not possible to get the best output without hiring professional SEO firm. The benefits of hiring an SEO firm are countless and some of them are described below.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo will be mostly used by people daily or in a couple of days for searching anything on the internet. The SEO company makes your website bring the desired traffic to your site. You don’t have to pay any additional money to generate traffic. It is one of the services of the SEO company to bring traffic without incurring any additional cost.

The internet is used by people across the world to search about anything and find the solutions. You can easily a find solution for the problem faced by you in your day-to-day life using the internet within a fraction of seconds. If your business website offers solutions to the different problems faced by people from time to time, then it is assured that your website has increased traffic.

You must ensure that your website is generating valuable traffic so that it helps you enhance your business. Only increasing the traffic will not help your business, the visitors of your page must be benefited from your webpage, and your site should convert them to the next level. The visitors must attract to the products or services you are offering and buy your offerings through your online website. SEO firms must use the right techniques and methods for the conversion process.

The internet is the best option that gives you a large market place for your product and the SEO agency will work professionally to boost your business visibility to bring traffic to your website and convert the visitors to the customers of your product that will increase your sales. The SEO experts will also help your business to continue the growth with a strong online presence and facilitate your business as the leading company in the market.

Your website will be preferred by many people when it has a higher rank and creates trust among the visitors. The trust helps your business to increase your sales, ROI, and business growth. You must ensure that you are hiring an experienced and professional SEO firm to enjoy the above benefits of your business growth.

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