Different Hiking Options In Costa Rica

white-water-rafting-manuel-antonioCosta Rica is the best place for hiking. Are you interested in buying a house in Costa Rica? The look for the best real estate company by searching in Google as Real Estate Costa Rica and pick the suitable one as per your need. In Costa Rica, 30% of the land is occupied by national parks, wildlife refuges, and preserves. It is the perfect place for hiking. Preferring guided hikes are the best option for hiking in Costa Rica and explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica. There are plenty of hiking places in Costa Rica and each one is a unique location spot.

Volcano Park at Arenal is 7114 acres with beautiful views and is open from 8 am to 3 pm daily for hikers. You can hike in rainforests and in areas where the old lava runs. The hiking path directs you to the places swamped in the folds of nature and you can also get glimpses of animals and different breeds of plants.

The next is the path that winds around the waterfall at Rio Celeste and along the Tenorio Volcano in Guanacaste province. Rio Celeste is the name of the river that looks very blue. You only believe the pristine blue shade of the water only when you see it with your naked eye. The guided hiking of this place is a hike of five miles that is very challenging. Rio Celeste waterfall is an important element to see in thus hiking option. This hike seems very challenging for beginners.

The path along the national part – Manuel Antonio is one of the best hiking options in the country though the park looks small. Many visitors claim that this park is the real Costa Rica they dreamt. You can see the monkeys swinging from tree to tree in the forest and you can go for a relaxed walk in the park and see the waves rolling to the shore in the most three wonderful beaches of Costa Rica. Once you reached the Manuel Antonio Beach, you can wear your bathing suits and take a relaxing dip.

Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike is a classic hiking option in the country. There are plenty of hanging and fixed bridges in the trial that will take you to different places within the rainforest reserve that lies in the valley of the huge Arenal Volcano. You can start your trial in the early morning so that you can see the most active wildlife and travel with a most experienced guide in this hiking so that your skilled guide point out you different animals like bird species, wild boar and monkeys.

Cloud Forest Hike is another option. This forest occupies around 2% of the total area in the world’s cloud forests. The total distance of this hike is slightly more than two miles and you can see more than two-hundred bird species. It is the perfect option for birding.

The Waterfall Hike at Bajos del Toro is a smaller hike that gives you an awesome experience. It is only fifteen minutes trek from El Silencio Cloud Forest Lodge and you can see the multi-colored atmosphere and deep-pristine green of the canyon. The waterfall drops water from 400 feet height.

Apart from the above six hiking options, there are numerous hiking destinations available in this country.

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