What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing


It is believed that due to rise in advertising in social media, email marketing is no longer a marketing technique which can give you excellent results. If leading SEO expert, Jeff Lenney is to be believed, Email marketing can make your business profitable. Marketing your product using Email gives you lot of business opportunities and also a better ROI thinks expert at www.entrepreneur.com/article/305173. Your company gets a broader base of customers and even a better customer relation all at a very reasonable cost compared to the cost involved when using traditional marketing.
Email marketing is very popular with many businesses in a cross-section of industries and below are a few reasons why this marketing technique is used.

Cost-Effective: The main advantage of this marketing is it that its costs lesser compared to other forms of marketing. Different marketing techniques require a channel like print, TV, billboard, etc. That is not the case for Email marketing; some companies may want to use software to track and evaluate emails sent and received. The cost involved in buying the software is far less compared to what is required with other modes of marketing.

Better targeting: Email marketing success is mostly because customers have agreed to receive information on products by signing up for the service. Most companies send communication only to users who have subscribed and hence the conversion rate is better as the customer is more likely to buy your product. Ensure that no unsolicited email messages are sent from your business to ensure you do not anger the consumer and damage your business reputation.

Easy to setup: The setting up of an email marketing campaign is pretty simple and does not need a large team. Your email marketing can be done with images, videos, logos, etc. or only with the help of text email. Content is an essential factor in this form of marketing and email marketing software help you create them quickly and efficiently.

Measurability: Email marketing is measurable, and that is another significant benefit, you can see what’s wrong with your campaign and take corrective actions. The software built for email marketing makes it easy to track the email open, click and also to measure the conversion rates. Any edits needed to the campaign can be made quickly and rebroadcasted, which cannot be done in other advertising formats.

Easy to share: Just by a click of a button, any subscriber can forward your offer to friends which makes it a handy form of marketing. That kind of natural sharing is not available in other advertising formats. With no effort from your side, you can get more subscribers as there is no better way of marketing your product than your loyal customers.

ROI: Irrespective of the marketing strategy employed, business needs profits, but investing in email marketing yields excellent results. As per a few types of research conducted on ROI of Email marketing, it is believed that for every dollar you invest, there is a return of 40 dollars which is much higher than any other marketing form.

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