Pre-Owned Gaming Laptops That You Can Consider Buying

Pre-Owned Gaming Laptops That You Can Consider BuyingGaming laptops under 500 dollars that fit within your budget are rare to come by. But however if you can compromise on a few features you can pretty good gaming laptops in this range. If you are not very particular about owning a new laptop you can try some pre owned laptops. But before you buy pre-owned laptops you have to make sure that they are in perfect working condition. It is always safe to examine the laptop physically before closing a purchase deal. If it is not physically possible to visit the seller, then make sure to view actual photos of the laptop before buying it. Always buy from a seller who has an easy return policy that allows you to easily exchange the product if you are not satisfied with it.

Here we list a few laptops that cross the $500 dollar mark if purchased brand new. However you can find them easily for lesser than $500 dollars if you are willing to go in for second hand or pre owned laptops. If you find any of these following models for second hand you must get it once you have verified the condition of the laptop.

Y700 AMD Version
This laptop has a good build and exceptionally good speakers along with a fast processor.
HP Pavilion 15 T
It has a dedicated Nvidia graphics card and comes with a Skylake i5 processor. Also the keyboard has an ergonomic design that facilitates smooth gaming.
The new Acer E5 574G
It also has a Skylake CPU and a GT graphics card that offers pretty good graphics in this price range.
The new Acer E5 573 G
This is the best laptop that offers 3D in this budget category.
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga
If you have ever wanted to try a slim and sleek laptop this should be your choice. However pre-used laptops might face some damages so it’s better to check thoroughly before you buy one.

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