Doing Business On The Golf Course


Golf is more than yet another sport in the modern world. It is a great business opportunity for many business people. There can be no other buoyant venue for getting business done. Increase your business opportunities by engaging in lucrative deals right on the golf course. Get your business done on the golf course by visiting http://beaconhall.com/. You will be surprised by the tremendous advantages you can gain before you complete the holes. Consider your time on the golf course as a sales call of few hours. Unlike the traditional golf course rules, business golf runs on completely different set of rules.

The best part is that this other set of rules is relatively simple. However, if you know the difference between the two, you will surely have a chance to use it to your advantage. The first and very obvious point to make is, choose your partner wisely. If your partner is a good decision maker, you will have great advantages with him or her. Do not think that you have to win the game for a good score rather you have to play for good business. The next important thing to consider is that your partner doesn’t end up as the lower scorer.

On the golf course you will hear quite frequently “to win or not to win”. One wise answer to it is to “play as good as your ability allows while being fair and square”. You need to gauge the personality of your partner and then find out how serious he or she is about the game. You can establish an even ground for the game by using the handicap system. Playing the match would then become far more interesting. A tank job would be highly insulting for any of your potential clients. One thing that can be worse than this is flagrant sandbagging.

Do not forget to maintain patience with your clients on the course. You need to be in the business for a long haul, therefore always wait before discussing business. Waiting up till 10th hole would be advisable. Patience is a virtue and never lose it. Spend some time with drinks after the game. It would help build more friendly relations with your clients. Do not immediately jump to discuss business. It will be a huge turn off and might make the deal impossible. Treat your clients as they wish to be treated. For this you need to make a careful observation of your clients.

Do not be surprised by anything they do. Do not be too judgemental. Like the way you are seeing them on an informal front for the first time, they are also seeing you in the same way. Being judgemental either way would be bad for your business’s health. When doing business, do not get drunk. It is better to keep it for a weekend outing with your friends. Over serious meetings like this you need to maintain a mental and emotional balance for making the right decision. Therefore you can take a few drinks while talking but do not allow yourself to get a hangover.

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