Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring


Personal injury case is difficult one to handle by yourself ad you must require a personal injury lawyer to increase your chances of winning in your case. A law firm Baizer Kolar P.C. in Chicago is proficient in handling personal injury case and you can visit the law firm if you or any of your family members meet with an accident. Your personal injury lawyer explains your right in the case and the process of obtaining your compensation amount.

Before hiring your attorney, you must ensure to ask the following questions with your personal injury lawyer. You must ask whether the lawyer works for contingency fees. You can enjoy various benefits by hiring a lawyer who accepts contingency fees payment. In this payment method you don’t want to pay the fees for your attorney unless if the attorney gets any success by recovering your money from the opposite party. You should not hire a personal injury lawyer who demands upfront fee.

There are many types of personal injury cases available and you must ensure with the lawyer in what type of personal injury case the attorney is specialist in. Also in some law firms you can find a General lawyer who handles all type of cases like family case, criminal case, personal injury case etc. The General lawyer has only little experience in everything. You must check whether the lawyer is the general lawyer or a specialist in dealing personal injury case.

You can check the lawyer if other law firms refer you for personal injury case. If the lawyer receives references then the attorney is considered as the expert in the field so there are many references made to him. It is difficult for any attorney to confirm you how long it will take to complete you case. It depends on various factors like your degree of injury, cost of medical treatment and also based on how much effort the lawyer puts in your case.

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