How To Clean Your Plastic Jordan Sneakers

jordon nike

The basketball players across all the countries usually prefer the Jordan shoe manufactured by Nike. There are various factors that made the Jordan sneakers as the common choice for all the players. It is well known brand among people living in all the countries, and you can pick the model from the cost ranging from low prices to high one.
You must maintain the shoe with the right defensive materials for the long life of your shoe. It prevents your shoe from cracking and discoloration of your shoe. You can buy the sprays of oil, wax or silicone that contains defensive ingredients in the retailers shop. Applying the defensive materials act as a barrier that avoids dirt or stains in your shoe.
You have countless options in the selection like Foot Locker Sneaker Protector and select the best one based on your need. You can use the Sneaker Cleanser on the plastic material of the shoe to clean the plastic portion. But the spray can is the best option for cleaning. You can check in shoe retail shops about the specific cleansers that are offered by the shoe manufacturing companies like Footlocker.
You must keep away the spray can 2 inches away from the plastic material when spraying. After that, massage the plastic surface with a toothbrush or a soft cloth. Then rinse a cloth in either the lukewarm water or the cold water wipe the other portions of your shoe. You must follow the same procedure again and again till you are satisfied with the cleaning process.
It is not advisable to wash your shoe using the washing machine because the effects will be very bad and the glued parts get detached. You must clean your shoe with great care and especially the plastic material because it contains the protector in the material and is designed in such a way.

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